Wilson Marks studied jazz in the city of New Orleans, destitution in Portland, a two hour layover in Honolulu and tacos in Austin TX.  His songs often feature word play, alliterative turns of phrase, and furry chords. They veer from irreverence and fancy (Ethel and the Merman, Big Box Store) to the personal (I Hope the Healing has Begun, Waltz Until We Break the Seams).  He writes songs of hope and longing amidst a handful of swinging tunes that sound like they sashayed in from Tin Pan Alley still wet with the rain.  

When not playing front-man for his own trio, most often comprising Daniel Durham (bass) and Aaron Parks (percussion), he plays as a side-man for a variety of other projects including The Love Leighs,  McMercy family Band, Matt the Electrician, The Sarah Sharp Project, Datri Bean Band and others. His multi-instrumentalist work can heard on The Sparrowmakers "Lost Cities," several of J Wagner's albums and others.  Other projects of late include P1nkbox (psychedelic reinterpretations from Bizet to Bowie) and an alternate trio with Jan Flemming (accordion Nakia) and Dennis Ludiker (award winning fiddler from Asleep at the Wheel).
Peregrine, a new collection of tunes engineered by Grant Johnson at Good Danny's in Lockhart, is due out in February of 2018.  Largely tracked straight to tape it features a handful of piano songs and is a more electric-based endeavor than "What Was Made for Weathering." The cover of his 2015 release,  "What was Made for Weathering" features a house he once lived in that was made of barge-wood that floated down the Mississippi river 100+ years ago. Since they couldn't send the barges back upriver for repeat use, they were often disassembled and restructured into shotgun houses.  The idea that what was a boat can become a house.  What was a house can go under or over water, be turned into something else entirely: songs of loss, hope, love, change and transformation. A No Depression review called it "Tone poems of a sort - also a cure for auto-tune."  The Austin Statesmen said "A singer-songwriter and sideman with roots in New Orleans, Marks brings some of that city's jazz elements to this graceful 11-song collection of acoustic-based material."